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    your event and lean back and let us take
    care of things. Whether it is a conference,
    congress, car clinic or company outing,
    we plan thoroughly and with experience.

Event & Travel Management - Westermeier International
Small events

and major congresses


Event organisation across the board

Whether you are planning an outing for your whole company, incentives for a successful department, unique meetings, a large convention or an innovative kick-off meeting, we ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Our team enjoys large challenges as well as small events. We plan with emotion and precision, no matter how difficult or sizeable the implementation.

We want you to have positive memories of the event even years later.


The perfect location, the finishing touch - venues

We enjoy finding the ideal venue for every event. In order for you to be able to concentrate in peace on the important aspects of the event, the team at Westermeier International aims to find the perfect location with the appropriate ambience for you. Thanks to experience and contacts in this area we can offer a wide range of possibilities for the ideal location for your event. Tell us what you need and we will find the ideal venue for your event.


Cosmopolitan attentiveness - hostesses and assistants

Our crew currently numbers 50 hostesses. This team can deal with both European and Asian concerns. In addition, we can also handle more unusual languages such as Azerbaijani, Kirghiz, among others, for your guests on location. No matter which country your test persons come from, there will always be an attentive hostess to make them feel at ease using their own language. Our well-coordinated team and Ms. Westermeier look back on many years of experience and make every event unforgettable.


The perfect stay for every event - lodging and meals

The choices for accommodation range from youth hostel to boutique hotel to luxury hotel or castle. We go by our clients’ wishes. Our team is also happy to provide recommendations to fit your event. As needed, we can also make arrangements for refreshments in suitable restaurants or energy-boosting snacks on the road.


Something to remember the event by - supporting programme

A supporting social programme is often a good idea. Either because of the locality or in support of the event itself. We would be happy to arrange city tours, partner programmes, after-work parties or sports competitions. Team-building measures are also popular. Our staff would be happy to advise you professionally in this regard as well. No matter what kind of accompanying programme you require, we guarantee that we have several out-of-the-ordinary recommendations for you.


What are the best logistical arrangements? We have the answer! - transportation

The question of how the test persons, company personnel or partners get from point A to point B depends on many factors. Weighing all considerations, keeping costs down and bringing out the best in each event is no problem when the planning is in professional hands. Whether chartering an airplane for 1 person or 1,000, using scheduled flights, coach or train, Westermeier International sees to all important details. Save time and in the end money and let us take care of this tedious work for you.


Let us take care of the crux of the event - participant registration and support

Is everyone here or is someone missing? Our assistants conscientiously oversee that no one gets lost and the shy are not overlooked. The team knows the significance of every single test person and how different people can be. The more care taken during registration, the smoother and more relaxed the whole event. We know that every link in the chain is important for the event.

Special Needs

Event management unlimited - special arrangements

With our expertise and know-how we can organise any event. Whether kick-off, small meeting or large conference, you tell us what you need and we will present you with our ideas.


Perfectly organised meetings, kick-offs, etc.

Every get-together, be it ever so small, must be organised. From the location to the programme to travel arrangements, you should not let anything to chance. We have the know-how, the networking and the manpower for every event.

Individual Planning

We are open to any requests! – special groups

There are always unusual wishes and travel needs. Our motto is: “nothing is impossible”. We make any idea reality no matter how exceptional it seems. Group travel according to your wishes and agenda, that is what Westermeier International stands for.


An unforgettable thank-you that motivates for the future - incentives

Fellow employees who have stood beside you in difficult times, colleagues with outstanding ideas or the department you cannot praise enough, all of them deserve unforgettable thanks. We do the thinking for you and have many inspirations in store. Your employees will not forget these rewards and will be even more motivated in the future.