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    Research in the automotive branch is at
    the heart of our company. We love to go into
    detail and are totally involved in our daily work.
    Our wealth of experience aids in car clinics
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Event & Travel Management - Westermeier International
Discretion in

every detail


Market leader with sense and sensibility

It is passion and personal attention that makes you market leader. We have been market leader in the field of car clinics for years now thanks to professional cordiality, our passion for the topic of market research and our exceptional commitment to each and every client.

Since 1992 Katharina Westermeier has been known for her first-class organisation of events in the field of automotive market research. We are committed to getting test persons from A to B safely and comfortably, time and again.

For the production of reliable cars even the smallest adjustments count. We therefore take every request of our clients seriously in car clinics and research.

International Arrivals

Welcome from all countries

The Team at Westermeier International welcomes all test persons from other countries. We organise travel from the home country to the event location here in Germany. Our support team of fifty hostesses with international experience communicates with the guests in their native language. For the interview partners it is often travel into the unknown. They are not familiar with the country and do not speak the language or know any of the other test persons. And for the most part they do not know what to expect of the interview. The research team does not know the test persons and may not speak their language. For our crew it is routine, and they remain calm and understanding throughout the procedures. Each new group is special and is accompanied by us in a relaxed atmosphere to the event location, whether by plane, train or coach.

Global Departures

Easy transition to another city

Another important and exciting field is a car clinic in a different city or even in a foreign country. The test persons and research team meet with a completely new and fascinating experience and sometimes do not even speak the language. The organisation for this – just as for arrivals – is in experienced hands with us. With the experience and personal attention of the crew surrounding Katharina Westermeier, the passengers arrive for the interview relaxed and open for questioning.

National Events

Smooth procedures on the day of the clinic

Support for the companies before the clinic is our focus here. The interview needs to be prepared and the team needs time and peace for the organisation of the upcoming automotive market research. In order to guarantee optimum working conditions, careful preparation of the event is required. The arrival and departure of the company staff and their accommodation during the event is also in good hands with us.